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Our Environmental Contribution
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Our Environmental Contribution

Basic Philosophy
Dear valuable viewers and consumers
Thank you for viewing our website.
It is our pleasure to introduce our company and our environmental contribution using this opportunity.
Approach On Environmental Protection
As well as getting Mangrove charcoal material from the cultivation forest of Malaysia forestry department and developed into massive international trading level, we are also the first company created the local wood vinegar (MOKUSAKU) into the industrial level production.
Wood vinegar is a by-product which is produced through the process of burning wood into charcoal. The exhaust smoke from kilns are collected by the way of cooling down the temperature through the special long tunnel device set by us and become liquid which contains organic minerals.
It is widely used in Japanese organic farming as a land improver and odor neutralizer for both household and compost maker.
Setting such devices in local kilns reduce an exhaust smoke and makes a healthy environment of surrounding.
It is not only contributing to the environment but, also to the local economy as these by products are sold to us in big quantity.
Now wood vinegar is becoming one of the important financial sources of local charcoal manufacturing village.
We are the company which is contributing to both local environment and economy.
Thank you.

Managing Director

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