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BBQ Charcoal
Bincho Charcoal
Magic Instant Charcoal
Water Purification Charcoal
Charcoal For Agricultural Usage
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Fukaya is a charcoal manufacturer and exporter. All products shown below are manufactured under our own development and quality control. We proudly introduce our charcoal and charcoal related products such as YUKASHITATAN, MOKUSAKU, BINCHO CHARCOAL. What we want to emphasaize here is "charcoal is not only for burning but also it can function as multi-purpose usage"
photo:BBQ Charcoal  BBQ Charcoal

Our 30yrs old material wood is coming only from the mangrove cultivation which is strictly controlled under Malaysia forestry department.
 photo:Bincho Charcoal  Bincho Charcoal

It is highly carbonized natural charcoal produced by our patented kilns. It has less smoke and less flame. It is suitable for Japanese korean BBQ resaurant usage.
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This unique liquid is produced during burning wood into charcoal. It contains 200 types of mineral and it is used as organic land improver in Japan.
 photo:Magic Instant Charcoal  Magic Instant Charcoal

Patented charcoal bag which contains ignition function. You don't have to dirt your hands anymore. All you need is to prepare matches or lighter to ignite.
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photo:coming soon  Water Purification Charcoal

Charcoal is not only for fuel usage, this charcoal will purify water and also gives minerals such as Mg, Ca, etc.
 photo:Charcoal For Agricultural Usage  Charcoal For Agricultural Usage

As charcoal has millions of cells which can function as an appartment for effective micro-organisims which convey nutritions to plant.
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In Japan's long housing history, charcoal has been placed under the floor construction and it prevents wooden structure from decay.
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