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Bincho Charcoal

photo:Bincho Charcoal  Bincho Charcoal Introduction

Highly carbonized charcoal for Korean style barbecue restaurant.
Fix carbon contents is more than 90%.
Less smoke and less flame.
It is widely used in above type of restaurant in Japan.
We export world wide.
How to use Bincho Charcoal?

The instrustion shown beneath is the one of the easiest way to let this charcoal catch fire.
photo:1-How to use  photo:2-How to use  photo:3-How to use
Place a charcoal on the fish grill net or the net which is suitable to store charcoal and ignite with the cooking gas stove.
Ignite the fire and grill the charcoal for 6 to 7 minutes.
Once you see the 20% of the charcoal become reddish white color, which means charcoal is ready to use.

Please do not place any flamable goods near your charcoal and be alert not to get burnt of yourself.
Please pay particular attention especially when charcoal is ignited and transfering charcoal to your BBQ cooking set.
After cooking, make sure ashes are cool before discarding.
Keep out of reach of children.
Introduction Of Example Of Bincho Charcoal
photo:ABURIYA(Japanese-korean style BBQ restaurant)

<Japanese-korean style BBQ restaurant>

Our Bincho Charcoal is used in Aburiya Singapore.
Enjoy the aromatic charcoal grilled BBQ! You can surely feel the difference!
To the their Homepage (Singapore)
photo:GANSO TORAYA(Japanese-Korean style BBQ restaurant)  

GANSO TORAYA (Aichi Prefecture)
<Japanese-Korean style BBQ restaurant>

Our Bincho Charcoal is used in Ganso Toraya in Japan.
Enjoy the aromatic flavor and their quality grilled meat.
Oga Charcoal Of White Charcoal Class
photo:Oga Charcoal Of White Charcoal Class  We also export high carbon contents saw dust charcoal.
Carbon content is more than 85%.
Cigarette box shown in the picture is for the size of comparison.
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