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Magic Instant Charcoal
photo:Magic Instant Charcoal  Magic Instant Charcoal Introduction

This unique package of charcoal itself contains a natural mangrove charcoal and patented ignition system.
Once you ignite on the firing points, It will enable you to start barbecue in 15 minutes.
As this product is free from chemical material, your precious cooking material will not be affected by the chemical burning odor.
How to use Magic Instant Charcoal?

Photos down below are ignition process of magic instant charcoal.

Magic Instant Charcoal
photo:1-Flow  photo:2-Flow  photo:3-Flow  photo:4-Flow
1. Ignitite On The Firing Point   2. After Ignition   3. 10mins After Ignition   4. 15mins After Ignition
Magic Mineral Aquarium Purification
photo:Magic Mineral Aquarium Purification  This is the experiment photo for the comparison of the 3 weeks usage of this products.
You can see the obvious difference between used and non used.
This charcoal not only purify the water but also gives a mineral for your fishes.
Well, fishes also need a clean and healthy water don't they?
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